How to size & use your jump rope

how to jumping rope skipping rope

How to size your jump rope

      How to size your jump rope:

1.Stand on the middle of the rope with one foot
2.Pull the handles straight up making sure the rope is tight and even
3.For beginners,the top of the handles should reach close to the shoulder
4.For experienced jumpers,the top of the handles should reach the armpit or below
5.For double unders,the rope should be shorter,Experiment to see what works for you.For most people the top of the handles should reach the chest line for best double under performance
6.If the handles extend beyond your shoulders,your rope needs to be shortened
7.You can temporarily shorten your rope by loosening,moving and tightening the screws on each side.
8.To permanently shorten your rope,you can cut the end pieces.

      How to use your jump rope:
1. Look straight ahead to maintain balance.
2. Keep body upright and balanced with the weight on the balls of the feet.
3. Jump only high enough to clear the rope (1 inch off the ground).
4. Land lightly on the balls of your feet.
5. Keep your elbows close to your sides,pointing down at a 45-degree angle.
6.Never sacrifice good jumping form for speed.Progress slowly.

 Benefits of jumping rope

     Benefits of jumping rope:

1. Develop speed,quickness,coordination and agility with the Speed Rope.This training tool is sure to evoke high-performance game days.
2. The jump rope features foam handles,ball bearing and tangle-free cord versatile action.Easy swivel design for unrestricted rope movement.
3. No-slip grip ergonomic handles for superior comfort Cord length.
4. Heavy duty yoke connection ABEC-3 ball bearing for twist-free action.
5. This training rope is focused on helping athletes improve their game-day performance by developing the five key components of superior athleticism:speed,power,agility,reaction and quickness.
6. Training gives you the drills,programs,insight and information you need to work smarter,train harder and get better faster.
7. Have fun getting your daily cardio in with this rope.
8. Jumping rope for 10 minutes at a moderate pace is equivalent to running one mile in 12 minutes, cycling two miles in 6 minutes,or swimming a quarter mile in 12 minutes.
9. The speed skipping ropes consist of a PVC cord optimised for scuff resistance,speed and flexibility.

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